The partners and associates of AUTUS Advisory Partners are experienced professionals with expertise across many industries and specific fields. Each one has a deep understanding of what it takes to operate a successful business. We have confronted the challenges of running day-to-day operations, in small and very large companies, raised and allocated capital and confronted the technology revolution that has brought risks and opportunities, especially for smaller and mid-size enterprises. The phrase “strategic planning” is not just jargon to us. We have each lived it and we know how to identify, evaluate and implement changes in your business that will fulfill your objectives.

We work directly with each client to ensure the timely and satisfactory completion of every engagement. When required, we will tap our network of functional experts to address specific elements of an assignment. The AUTUS fee structure reflects our commitment to link our compensation to your success. We know that our real world experience and commitment to tie your success to our reward differentiates us from other advisory services. Our goal is to evaluate your needs and goals and help you through the process that ensures your success.

Each of our founding members of AUTUS Advisory Partners has extensive business credential and experience derived from starting and managing companies, investing in start-up and existing businesses, serving in executive roles as well as on Board of Directors of public and private companies and providing advisory services across a wide spectrum of industries and business disciplines.

Founding Partner

Investor, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Supply Chain Management

Founding Partner

Personnel and Executive Management, Entrepreneur

Founding Partner

Senior Management Product Development, Marketing and Branding

Founding Partner

Executive Administration, Public Relations

Founding Partner

Innovator, Entrepreneur and International Business Developer

Founding Partner

Operational & Executive MGMT, Supply Chain & Logistics MGMT

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