Preferred Provider Program for Experienced Executives

Who is a Preferred Provider?

The AUTUS Preferred Provider Program is for individuals with at least 20 years of experience in a particular business field with the ability to bring prospective clients to AUTUS for business advisory services.

The Preferred Provider will become part of the evaluation team and if the evaluation leads to a contract with AUTUS then the Preferred Provider has the option to either take a $1500 referral fee or become part of the advisory team working with that client. If the Preferred Provider becomes part of the advisory team, that person will be paid a share of the normal hourly fees. In addition, the Preferred Provider will also become a member of the client’s Advisory Board and will be paid as stipulated in the AUTUS contract.

The Preferred Provider program is differentiated from the Referral Program not only by the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience required by the participant but also by the scope of opportunity to be an integral part of the advisory services team for the client while participating in the larger monetary benefits.

This program is unprecedented and is a way for AUTUS to expand into a variety of fields that create a more well-rounded scope of expertise which is beneficial to AUTUS clients.

Qualified Individuals In These Fields

  • Civil Engineer
  • EHSS (Environmental Health Safety Security)
  • Construction (Commercial)
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Retail Management
  • HR (Compliance Specialist)
  • Pharmaceutical (Clinical Studies and Manufacturing)
  • Health Insurance (Provider and Payer SMEs)
  • Media Management
  • Property Management
  • Architect
  • Industrial Design
  • Renewable Resources
  • Hospitality Management
  • Supply Chain/Logistics Management
  • Oil/Gas
  • Specialty Metals Manufacturing
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Agriculture/Land Management
  • Attorney (Business and International Law)
  • Healthcare – Provider SME
  • Food Science
  • Discrete Manufacturing Operations
  • GxP (General Accepted Practices for FDA and other Life Sciences compliance)
  • Outsourcing Specialist
  • Retail Sales/Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Green Energy

Preferred Provider
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