Advisory Partners has expanded their service offerings to include a one day workshop for small businesses. As an alternative to the standard business model requiring a minimum of 50 hours, AUTUS recognizes there are small firms that could benefit from an entrepreneur’s perspective of their company. The concept is simple, what would a successful entrepreneur do if they were running your company? From globalization and innovation to internal communication and negotiation skills, AUTUS will make recommendations catered to your business. This one day workshop will teach business owners and key employees to think and articulate like an entrepreneur. The Business Enrichment for Growth and Development Workshop is available for companies $5-$50 million with 10-40 employees. The cost is $2500. The session will teach the following:

  • Learn how to do business the old fashioned way
  • Learn to communicate face to face
  • Learn to identify your markets and how to articulate your message to those markets
  • Understanding your business and how to become disruptive
  • Understanding of cultures and their social contracts
  • Be interesting by being interested
  • Become a more active and orchestrated leader
  • Building and navigating a business map

AUTUS has had overwhelming response to the new service offering. Jim Vena, Founding Partner says the key to success lies in the human art of communication, and blending old ways of doing business with new ways. “No one does think tanks anymore and when implemented correctly, the insight gained from them presents significant value.”

To request a workshop, please follow this link: AUTUS Business Enrichment Workshop

About AUTUS Advisory Partners

AUTUS Advisory Partners is a US based, globally active consulting firm providing services to small and mid-size companies. With advisors of varying business disciplines located throughout the country, their services focus on the growth and development of small businesses that lack the resources or know how of growing purposefully and effectively. For more information, please visit: http://autuspartners.com/.

Media Contact:

Angela Fischels, 1-844-288-8700, ext. 704

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