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Standard Engagement

Every assignment is unique so we offer an initial 30 minute consultation service to referred clients where we listen, ask questions and learn about the client’s needs. Call us for our reasonable rates.
AUTUS then prepares a proposal presentation for review.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, the client pays per billable hour plus any applicable additions and reimbursable expenses. A minimum number of hours will be established. Should the client decide to move forward in further development and capitalization after the minimum hours, you would be required to formally appoint AUTUS Advisory Partners to your Advisory Board with the following economic model of Advisory Board Fees, Incentives (VAR’s).

Typically, businesses we assist meet our minimum threshold requirements: An established business with initial capital; management personnel in place and operating for three years or more, $5-$50 million with 10-40 employees.

Per diem and Expenses
  • Daily rate for on-site meetings or Hourly on Phone Phone and Off Site Time Spent All related business expenses reimbursed in full
  • Approved travel and transportation reimbursed in full
  • Reasonable opportunistic expenses reimbursed in full
Individual Partner Engagement

Individual partners may be engaged at an hourly rate.

All related business expenses reimbursed in full.

Approved travel and transportation reimbursed in full with Reasonable opportunistic expenses reimbursed in full.

Valuation Appreciation Right’s (VAR’s) Based on enterprise value (EV) threshold Equal to 2% of EV appreciation > NAV, adjusted for mergers and acquisitions VAR’s vest in full in three years and may be monetized by holder on or after 2 years.

Principal shall have the option to redeem VAR’s or covert to shares at FMV on or after 3 years
Standard anti-dilution protections.

Structured Financing

As we work with clients on longer- term engagements, sometimes we discover the need for raising capital. If we find this is required and feasible, we can provide assistance once due diligence is finalized and AUTUS is formally appointed as Board member of the company.

Our fee on capital raise will be determined by the circumstances and available methods, and will range from a minimum of 2% to a maximum of 4% of money and or debt equity raised.

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